2020 NovoAndina Organic Solid Ball Salty Lejia



Salty lejia in a solid hard balls or chunks, organic activator for powders, tea bags or whole leaf coca products. Do not use alone, it is intended for the use with coca to generate a highly alkaline environment in order to release alkaloids.

Product Description

Salty lejia in a solid hard balls , this is a mixture formed by lime, carbonates and/or vegetable ash normally anise, sweet potato or quinoa cereals, it powers the extraction of coca alkaloids and benefits. Only a small pinch (half powdered gram) combined with coca flour or coca tea is necessary per serving. Lejia can ONLY be used for direct mouth consumption. Do not use it for brewing tea bags or coca powder. It is a myth that lejia or baking soda may help brew more alkaloids out of coca leaves, they only help making your mouth more alkaline. This product is not intended to be consumed alone as it is  highly basic and does not taste good by itself.

Organic product, highly alkaline, discretion is advised, you only need a pinch ( after crashing the ball) between your fingers for 10 – 15 leaves, this product can burn so please be careful, it is not intended to be used for brewing, it is only for coca leaves chewing.

Additional Information

gram size

25 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams


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