Bolivian Mapacho Hand Wrapped Fresh ( 2 units )

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Hand wrapped Bolivian mapacho, still fresh and moist in a sealed air tight bag

Whole leaf, a mix of native and rustic amazonian tobacco

Nicotina Rustica is a particularly potent variety of tobacco contains up to twenty times the amount of nicotine found in the variety of tobacco used for cigarettes. 

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This product is for sacred and ritual purposes only!

Hand wrapped mapacho, still fresh and moist in a sealed air tight bag, two units per package

Mapacho is one of the most important plants in the lives of all tribes of the northwest Amazon. It plays a part in curative rituals, in important tribal ceremonies. Mapacho is also used for entheogenic purposes by South American shamans. Our mapachos are organic and do not contain any additive or chemical. 

Regular size, one roll is good for 4 – 5 energy – spiritual balls. Use with caution

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