Novogratense Vin Novoandine June 2022, 4 bottles of 17oz.




4 bottles of 17 oz each shipped in a priority box


Enjoy a once in life experience with a replica of the famous Coca Vin Mariani,

a 100 bottles batch available and prepared after more than 4 years.

Read the Description for details.


The Original Recipe of Vin Mariani, was produced with coca Leaves from Bolivia and somehow, we got a hand in all paperwork filed in Bolivia to get the extracts and mix done. It took us a lot of trial and error to get the recipe perfected years ago but it works, the original recipe had a 16% proof Bordeaux wine but most commercial wines have a lower proof so we had to change a little bit to get the same effects as the original wine.

If you want to try Vin Mariani nowadays, it will cost you 800 Euros and it is made with decocainized leaves two they can sell it commercially in Europe Check the link below.

We have decided to keep the price at the same price fo the coca extract so people can enjoy it.

Here, we make it full alkaloids as we have access to the leaves as natural as they are. The wine is already active and does not need any activator or alkaline substance.

The Coca Extract, leaves and concentrates  are macerated in an Oak Barrel with Bolivian Brandy or Singani ( same used for Vin Mariani Extract) for 20 days before wine can be added by parts. Mrs. Ilievski used different kinds of wine Malbec to start the process, which seems to bring more out of the recipe followed by Bordeaux and Tempranillo. They get added over a period of 20 days trying to achieve the right P.H. at all time to keep  the alkaloids active.

Due to Postal Office regulations, we cannot send the wine in glass bottles and considering that contains alcohol, there are too many regulations so this is sold as a novelty, collectors item only! Bottled the same day that the order gets shipped from the oak barrels in 17oz Boston Round Amber Bottles sealed, and bagged in a water proof saran coated bag so spills Winn not happen and the bottle has no air.

After you get the wine, you can use your bottles, re bottle in any fancy bottle you want  and try to preserve the wine air free. Try to open only when you are going to use it. Last time we made the wine 4 years ago, the last bottle we had available for our use was still good in May. Generally this wine is only prepared for personal use or as special gift to friends and old customers for Christmas and New Years but we are sure you will enjoy it to the full!

It is 18 % proof so be careful drinking it, coca will avoid feeling the alcohol, but when it hits, it lasts longer than usual. Regular wines are 9 -12 proof and remember this is not only alcohol, the combination makes cocaethylene, which is known to be as or more addictive of cocaine.

It takes longer than regular wines to feel any effect be careful. In case you do not drink alcohol and still want to enjoy this, empty the bottle in a pot, bring it to boil and start simmering the wine for 5-10 minutes till the alcohol is gone, you will still enjoy the chemistry behind without alcohol.


( The picture is just for reference on how we will ship, the color of the wine is a deep Bordeaux color )


Sulfates Free!

17 oz or 502 ml ( more than half litter)

16-18% proof

30-35 grams of coca leaves used per bottle plus concentrated coca

You will test positive for cocaine in a regular urine test up to 2 weeks.