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Yungas coca tea from Bolivia, a mild stimulant and great for beginners in the art of coca tea, fragrant and highly effective. Ready to ship

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Coca tea, also known as mate de coca, is a type of herbal tea that is made using the dry, raw leaves of the coca plant soaked in hot water so that the phytonutrients are extracted from the leaf. The coca plant is native to South America, particularly the Andes mountain range. The potential benefits of coca tea may include weight loss and energy production, and it has been used to boost immunity and to ease indigestion and altitude sickness.

Weight Loss

Coca tea contains alkaloids that may help promote weight loss. Certain alkaloids, such as the ones found in coca plants, may increase lipolysis, or the mobilization and breakdown of fatty acids for energy in your body, according to Louise Tenney, author of “Today’s Herbal Health.” Mobilizing fat stores from adipose tissue, or fat cells, to your muscles for energy boosts your metabolism and preserves muscle glycogen, increasing your body’s natural fat-burning capability. When consumed on a regular basis, coca tea may promote the reduction of body fat with few side effects.

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