Puka Nuna Mambe – Red Coca Mambe -Acai Amazonian Style.


NovoAndina Ypadu or Mambe Colombian Style is is based on a single coca variety. We use Yungas leaves to create a sweeter flavor in the final product. This product is light in color, it does not contain the dark ashes of the traditional Mambe and the Mambe extra Strength or Max


  • Red Mambe is an extraordinary mixture of Amazonian Herbs used on the borders of Peru – Brazil, and Bolivia by the native tribes. It is an Amauta – Yatiry mambe made with only the youngest leaves and used for rituals in Mesas or K’hoas in the Yungas regions of Bolivia.Contrary to the traditional mambes, which are bitter in flavor. This mambe is sweet and has a red ” spirit,” which turns the greenish powder into a red, almost purple. When you add water or place it in your mouth, natives call it “Puka Nuna.” ( Red Spirit) and “Qam perdonayämanki Teyta” To change their heart.

    It has acai, chuchuwasi ashes, wild amazonian berries, a touch of terere – pohá ñaná for extra energy, full of anti oxidants and immunity boosters.

    Highly energizing, can be used alone, same as other mambes, sublingual * 1/2 gold coca spoon ( available at our shop) or brewed 1-2 gold spoons in 8 oz water for 5 minutes or more.

    This mambe is used in special native ceremonies for fertility, love, good health, spring, and peace. It contains Llujta leaves which are a highly alkaline Andean Stevia. All ingredients and natural and, like all NovoAndina products, this mambe is prepared with only organic plants from around the world.



Ypadu or Mambe is not meant to be chewed. Start taking 1/4 – 1/2 tea spoon of Ypadu to the mouth (about 1-2 grams), without swallowing it. The Ypadu powder is placed between the gum and cheek like traditional coca leaves and moistened with saliva and gently sucked. Do not chew or crush the bolus, just keep it wet enough while it dissolves for 15 – 30 minutes. You can increase the intake over time, but a small amount is recommended as starting point to get your body used to improve the absorption gradually. You can consume it the same way as chewing tobacco or even sublingual for faster energy.
Ypadu can be mixed with blended fresh juices, yogurt or shakes. Based on our studies and trials, Ypadu added to a protein shake helps your body heal during or after the workout, reducing post-workout soreness and providing extra energy. It is recommended, 1/2-1 teaspoon for 12 oz protein shake.


The price of Mambe or Ypadu in the market has reached near $200 for 100 grams shipped from South America. Considering that we are the producers and everything we make is under USA regulations for health and sanitary standards, our price is low, and the advantage is that we ship from Boston – USA so, no waiting time or troublesome customs issues.

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