Acullico Recargado, Energy Coca Mix


Bolivian Truck drivers favorite mix, a good blend of coca, coffee and lots of energy

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A powerful energizer blend from Bolivia which combines Pure Mapacho leaves powder, Coffee extracts, concentrated coca powder and alkalies. Ready to use. This is a sticky powder that has been a boom in Bolivia and its people, a perfect blend that will keep you awake and energized without the jitters or shakiness. Combines caffeine, nicotine and coca alkaloids in a perfect balance to create a one of a kind energizer. Please use with caution and do not over do it, a 1/4 teaspoon should last for 4 – 6 hours, energy takes 15-20 minutes to reach its maximum stage so please be patient and do not add more. ideal for brewing, direct sublingual, shakes yogurt, juices additive or chewed as coca leaves and kept by the cheek. A 1/4 spoon mixed with a few drops of water make a paste easy to use.

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