NovoAndina AMBIL Resin 2022

Please read the description and use carefully, DO NOT OVER DO IT


These products were produced and manufactured only for our 17th. anniversary, the continuity in stock is not guaranteed nor the production of a future batch. Enjoy it while there are here.

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.


Ambil Resin is a different approach to our traditional ambil. This product is not hard-paste-like. Instead, it is a semi-solid-gel-like product. Each fluid once weights 25- 30 grams.

It is the Amazonian – Colombian version of ambil, based on the preparation and recipe used by the Huitotos or Watoto 

tribe of northern Peru and southern Colombia of the Amazon

The nutty/sweet mambe prepared with yaruno is complemented by bitter, black tobacco of mapachos ( Nicotiana rusticate) paste to create a resin-like ambil. This product contains vegetal salts (usually from the ash of traditional burnt palm trunk), rich in health-giving minerals. Ambil Resin sharpens one’s concentration and short-term memory and intensifies the most notable property of mambe. 

This ambil Resin is comparable to a mild version of the better-known Ayahuasca (or yajé), but it is exempt from the latter’s visionary, purgative and traumatic effects. The effect is gentle and meditative, instead of a tense and sometimes violent confrontation that Ayahuasca brings. 

It can be used alone, sublingual, between the lip and gum-like tobacco or by the check till it dissolves. Ambil – Resin can be added to other powders, mambes, and concentrated powders for a long-lasting effect. 

Each bottle comes with a measurement teaspoon. A pea-size is the recommended dose, 3-4 times per day. Do not overuse it; this is a very high concentration product, and prudence is the best policy. This product contains a kind of nicotine that it is 20+ times stringer than regular nicotine, it will make you sick if you use more than the recommended amount per day

Do not add baking soda, or you will neutralize the product. The Resin is already active and ready to use.

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.

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