New 2020 NovoAndina Lejia Paste – Gummy Activator Sweet


SKU: LJG group-1-1.

25  grams of lejia paste. Sweet, but not overwhelming tones, it is good  for chewing coca  or brewing

Product Description

25  grams of neutral lejia in a chewy ball of natural ingredients with a sweet flavor, this is a mixture formed by lime, carbonates and/or vegetable ash normally anise, sweet potato or quinoa cereals, it powers the extraction of coca alkaloids and benefits. Only a small pinch, less than a gram combined with coca flour, leaves or coca tea bags is necessary per serving. This kind of lejia can ONLY be used for direct mouth consumption. Do not use it for brewing tea bags or coca powders, check the sweet lejia ball or lejia in powders for brewing.

This product is not intended to be consumed alone as it is highly basic and does not taste good by itself. This kind of lejia is for chewing powders, tea bags or leaves only and should not be added to teas for brewing.

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25 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams


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