NovoAndina 16 oz Liquid Extract Alcohol Free


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Alcohol-Free liquid coca extract.

Product Description

Finally, it’s here a fine coca extract with all coca properties alcohol-free.

Once opened, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated as this product is organic and does not have any preservatives.

Use: This is a flavor extract which enhances shakes, coca tea brews, etc. Coca Extract NovoAndina can be used as an energy tonic by rinsing the mouth with about 1 – 2 oz of Coca Extract, the liquid is typically swished or gargled for about half a minute to a minute till it numbs and then can be swallowed; The Coca Extract can be also mixed with any soda or fruit juice.

A versatile elixir 4 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2014

I’ve found that you can use this product in many different ways. It can be added to green tea or ice tea to add an earthy body and aroma. For something different, it can be added to spiced rum either in a drink or right into the bottle. Taste and alkaloid content aside, I think the real merits of the product is it’s versatility and convenience; you can use it in a number of ways straight from the bottle, no grinding or brewing required. In short, this is the type of product you’re going to want or wish you had on your shelf

Potent! 4 Star Review

Posted by Traci Hanes on 21st Nov 2015

This product has all the properties of coca in a convenient liquid form! The taste is not great, but the effects are worth it. It would definitely taste better mixed in with juice or soda (I drank it straight). My mouth is pleasantly numb and tingly 🙂

I rated it 4 stars because there was a month delay in receiving my order, which seems to be the norm for this company. In the future, I’d like to see better organization/communication and faster shipping. Regardless, I plan to order again soon.

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