Colombian AmBil Elixir 2 fl oz. each



Colombian Am-Bil Tea Elixir 2 fl oz. each

For 2023, we are introducing a new product that contains 90% Nicotiana Rustica, 8% coca leaves, and 2% alkaline activator. This product is different from the traditional ambil paste that we have been selling for years, which is made up of 50% nicotiana and 50% powdered leaves. The new product is a syrup or jelly-like elixir prepared using the same recipe in Colombia and the Amazonian region.
Am-Bil, also known as yera in the Witoto/Huitoto language, is a paste or syrup derived from the nicotiana plant. It is often consumed with mambe medicine and is known for boosting masculine energy. This product is commonly used before an ayah ceremony or alone before consuming leaves. Like rapé snuff and liquid tobacco, Am-Bil has a relaxing effect on the body, clears the mind, opens up the third eye, helps with focus, and can aid in integrating other medicinal plants. However, overconsumption of Am-Bil can lead to nausea, purging, and anxiety. As everyone responds differently to stimulants, it is advised to start with small amounts if you are sensitive to tobacco. You can begin using a 1/2 gold spoon (available in our shop) and increase the dosage as needed.

In practical terms, ambil elixir is applied by rubbing it onto the gums using a finger, quickly absorbing it into the bloodstream. Once it is applied, the ambil gets mixed with saliva and becomes diluted. While some people use their fingers to dip into the ambil, it is less hygienic, especially when it is being shared. Use a gold spoon instead, and avoiding using metallic objects in the resin is recommended.

Ingredients: Herbal Proprietary Blend, nicotiana rustica, alkaline activator, no preservatives, no color aids, lactose and gluten free

Expiration Date: December 2026

This product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease” because only a drug can legally make such a claim. This product is just an herbal tea developed in the USA under all FDA guidance for health supplements. All ingredients are organic and natural, and this herbal paste does not contain drugs or illegal man-made substances.


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