Erythroxylum High Concentrated Elixir Limited Edition


Please read the description and use carefully, DO NOT OVER DO IT


These products were produced and manufactured only for our 17th. anniversary, the continuity in stock is not guaranteed nor the production of a future batch. Enjoy it while there are here.


Keep refrigerated upon arrival.


A very high concentrated gel – like elixir, ready to use, it does not contain solid parts, it basically dissolves and melts in your mouth numbing all around.

Sublingual use is highly suggested, this product tests positive in hair, please use with caution.

This product is already active, Ph is basic, do not use any activator like baking soda or Lejia. It can be added to shakes, teas, used combined with other coca products. It is just instant energy in a jar. A measurement spoon is included, 4-6 times per day use. Please do not use at night or in combination with alcohol.

Keep refrigerated upon arrival.


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