Bolivian Terere Starter Set.

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NovoAndina Starter Kit

Everything you need for a professional terere serving, whether you like it hot or cold, this is the perfect starter setup for yourself, or a gift. 

The set includes

  • 12 oz of NovoAndina Bolivian Terere
  • 10 grams of LLujta ( Andean Stevia)
  • One large 20 oz double wall tumbler with lid. Made of 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel.
  • 2 Metal Bombillas, one with herbal teas strainer  and one regular.
  • 10 grams of pure coca whole leaf just in case you need an extra kick or for personal use.

Bolivian Terere is the combination of Yerba mate and Coca. There are over one million Bolivians working in Argentina, while they have adapted to the use of Yerba mate to keep up with the arduous work and endure long hours. Yerba Mate alone is not enough for them. Therefore. Bolivian started adding crushed and whole coca leaves to their brew.

for every  8 oz Bolivian Terere has a combination of 200 grams of Yerba mate, reinforced with 26.7 grams of whole and crushed leaves. providing the optimal blend to prepare an uplifting drink that will keep you going.


How to prepare it 


Rule #1: Never pour very hot water on dry yerba mate o terere. The hot water will extract the tannins too quickly and the taste will be bitter.
Rule #2: Yerba Mate and coca infuse much slower than tea leaves or coffee. Brew too fast and you get very little flavor and alkaloids, too slow and it can be too strong or bitter. The temperature of the water may vary between 160- and 180-degrees F. NEVER BOILING. You can brew the same leaves several times, just keep adding a sweetener.
Rule#3: NEVER use processed sugar, we are sending you some Llujta leaves 1-2 leaves is enough for every brewing, you can also use some Splenda, brown or raw sugar or just avoid the sweeter. Any other sugar substitute, including honey, will change the flavor dramatically.
  • Add 4 tea spoons of the tetere in your 20 oz tumbler
  • Add 1-2 leaves of Llujta. or 2 tea spoons of raw sugar 0r 1.5 bags of Splenda.
  • Insert the bombilla
  • Pour the hot water
  • Stir for 10 seconds
  • Let it brew for five minutes
  • Stir once again for 10 seconds
  • Drink!

Do not discard the herbs once you are done with the liquid part, add 2-3 fresh tea spoons of terere, sweetener to taste, add hot water to top, stir and drink.

You can repeat the same process up to 5 times. Once your tumbler is full of herbs, do not discard. Empty then wet and used terere in a jar and add two 20 oz tumblers of water with some sweetener and let it rest over night. Sift next day, and you have an amazing energy beverage that you can drink all day long and that can be stored up to a week in the refrigerator.


  1. Add WaterFill 1/3 of the tumbler with NovoANdina Tetere and slant it at 45-degree angle. If you want a strong flavor, cover the yerba with warm water and wait a couple of minutes.
  2. Put the bombillaPut the bombilla (covering the top with thumb) on the same lower side of the yerba, on a digging motion, and pressing until you reach the bottom of the tumbler.
  3. Add ice cubsIn a jug, put the ice cubes and the water, juice or lemonade. You can add the citrus slices, sugar and herbs to the jug or put them in the glass itself.
  4. Add the liquid to the lower sideAdd the liquid to the lower side, aiming as close as possible to the bombilla to avoid the higher (and dry) part of the yerba slant to get wet.
  5. Repeat step 4Your tereré is done! Just drink and repeat number 4.

As it happens with the hot terere, the tereré will gradually lose its flavor. When you get to that point, carefully remove the bombilla and repeat from step 2 but this time on the ‘dry side’ – opposite from where it was.

You can also start over which will give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different herbs, fruits and even spices.


The traditional terere is served cold in Paraguay

French Press 
A french press is an excellent way to pull all the nutrients out of Terere.
Add about two tablespoon of terere for every 12 oz of water in the press, wet the leaves with hot water let it sit a few minutes then add hot water. Allow the leaves to float to the top and settle. Do not stir. Insert the screen and push down slowly. You can brew the same terere several times.


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