Organic Bolivian K’uyuna Mapachos Large Nicotiana Rustica (15ct)


Extra large size mapachos, hand rolled by rural communities of the Amazons in Bolivia. No chemicals, pesticides or additives. For ceremonial and religious use only.

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K’uyuna de Santa Ana Bolivia


Mapacho o K’ukuna in Bolivia is the traditional natives tobacco. It is most widely known for its use in ceremonies and other special occasions in South America. Compared to other types of tobacco, it has a significantly higher nicotine content-often as high as 9% versus the 1-3% found in most other types like Nicotiana tabaCum. Besides, these tobacco is natural, no chemicals nor pesticides. Just direct from the Amazonas.

The strong flavor and effects are  attributed to the rich growing conditions found in the rainforests of South America. Mapachos are used for its entheogenic powers. It is smoked during ayahuasca or coca ceremonies. These tobacco can be used to chew with coca leaves for a stronger effect of Andean leaves.