Belissa Thé Noir des Andes. ( Organic Black Tea Pods) 25 ct

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Thé Noir des Andes. ( Organic Pods)


Our Black Organic Tea is the perfect brew to accompany your daily routine. We blend the splendid Chimate and Caranavi teas from the Yungas region of Bolivia to give you this full-bodied, rich, and highly stimulating brew. Our teas come in a round tea bag for a faster infusion and multiple uses. This tea is an excellent option if you want something completely organic, without pesticides, and growth in highly alkaline and mineral soils. The intense flavor is developed naturally and without fermentation through slow roasting of tea leaves. One pod brews a strong 8 oz cup.

The IBCE (Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade) points out that the Bolivian tea plantations are part of the productive commitment of eight municipalities that today are organized in the North of La Paz Tropical community and, together with the Tea Program managed by the MAPA project (Access to Markets and Poverty Alleviation), financed by USAID, within the framework of the Alternative Development Program and Sibta. (Bolivian System of Agricultural Technology)

The uses of this tea continue beyond just the brewing cup. This tea can be added to your bath. Ideally, 6-8 pods can be added to any standard hot water tub for a detox and calming experience. They can also be used for tired eyes and detoxing lymphatic problems and issues. Wet a pod with hot water and apply it to the inflamed area you want to heal.


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