Just For Man, Erotic Masala Tea 100 grams Whole Leaf

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Whole leaf tea, same formulation, easier to brew

Product Description

Just For Man, Erotic Masala Tea (bag of 100g) 

Supports prostate and normalizes prostate functioning;

It helps to reduce the frequency of urination;

Cleans the kidneys, urinary tract and enables a more natural flow;

Helps reduce stress and anxiety;

Improve the immune system;

Tremendously helps with Erectile Dysfunction.

Made of natural herbs and thus no side effects. However, no need for more than two cups per day.


Instructions for use:

1 teaspoon in 8 oz hot water, brew for 7-10 minutes, stir, filter and drink.



A complex and rich variety of herbs from India, China, and the Amazonian make up this complex and exotic tea. A robust and powerful flavor that can be diluted to taste and drunk hot or cold. Enriched with Maca, Ginseng, Chuchuwasi, Cardamon, Cinnamon,  Cloves and CocaBlast ™.

Sorry ladies, this tea is specific for men only!


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