IUS VITAE Natural Immunity Elixir ( Anniversary Edition)



These products were produced and manufactured only for our 17th. anniversary, the continuity in stock is not guaranteed nor the production of a future batch. Enjoy it while there are here.

Product Description

Prepared following Andean traditions, IUS Vitae elixir is a pure concentrated extract of four main ingredients: Aronia melanocarpae, Punica granatum, Sambucus nigra, and Camellia sinensis with no artificial sweeteners. All four ingredients are known as a great natural immunity boosters. It just melts in your mouth leaving behind some fine particles of the ingredients. The elixir comes with a measurement spoon. Highly concentrated antioxidant product, full of vitamins and minerals.


We followed and researched several studies related to natural remedies and plants against COVID to produce our immunity line. We only used American and organic fruits. Our Aronia berries were handpicked in Iowa by one of our customers who has been using our coca products for 12 years already, mailed fresh to Boston the next day to start production the same day. Our Elderberries come from Missouri from INS farms who are well known for “farm -to-table” berries. Our Pomegranate are from Arizona. We used a ceremonial grade Green tea from Japan, rich in antioxidants and LLujta leaves which are a kind of highly alkaline stevia from the amazonian.

A lot of care and love went into producing our immunity products, they will keep your immune system high and help you recover faster from any flu, allergy, cough, pulmonary problem and even if you just feel blue.






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