Pisco Coca Sour NovoAndina Mix Kit


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Pisco Coca Sour NovoAndina Mix Kit Includes one coca extract, alcohol base 16 oz, one pisco sour mix 8 oz and one concentrated powder 100 grams. Pisco Sour is a traditional Peruvian drink. Made with Peruvian Lime.


This bag ma makes 20+ drinks. Pisco Sour Mix Directions 4 drinks

Step 1: Pour one full teaspoon of Pisco Sour NovoAndina Mix into Blender

Step 2: Add Two Cups of Ice & 1/2 Cup of Water

Step 3: Add 4 oz of Pisco ( it also works with singani, coca extract or vodka)

Step 4: Mix on High Speed for 1 Minute Bitters on top is optional For Coca Pisco Sour, use and mix 50/50 of coca extract and any other white liquor, add 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite coca powder of concentrated powder. ( This drink works better than Vodka and Redbull) Our Pisco Sour Mix is made from natural ingredients and helps you prepare Peru’s traditional national drink “Pisco Sour”.

Enjoy Pisco Sour as an aperitif or as an afternoon cocktail with friends and family.


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