Coca Lollipops


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Handcrafted in Bolivia, manufactured with honey, stevia, brown sugar, coca leaves, cocablast and coca oil.
No preservatives, color or flavor aids. Organic and Natural contains the base to extract all alkaloids. Each lollipop is 12~15 grams, lasts 15-20 minutes providing a deep numbing effect followed by energy and focus without the shakiness and jitters. It is not suitable for minors or pregnant women.
Avoid them if you get tested for controlled substances at work as it can give a false positive up to 48 hours after ingestion. Ideal for sore through, fatigue, altitude sickness, sweet cravings, diet, PMS, ADD, and pain. Please be careful drinking or eating hot food after these lollipops; considering that your mouth will be numbed, you can burn yourself without feeling the initial pain.

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