Coca Energy Bars From Bolivia, 12 Bars Sealed Bag

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12 Coca Energy Bars, awesome energy and nutrition, gluten free, all natural and organic

26~28 grams per bag

Product Description

Back to stock after one year! 3 bars per sealed bag, one bar can easily replace a whole meal, gluten free.

Energy Bar made in Bolivia and distributed by Andina Real and imported by Reyes Avila, LLC 3 bars per sealed golden air tight bags, great energy and nutrition. Ideal for diets and nutritional supplement, gluten free, easy to digest, low calories Energetic bar made with: Coca Powder Quinoa Maca Linseed Kiwicha (amaranto) Sesame Raisins Oats Chestnuts Dried grapes Honey Bee Honey Fruit

  • Unlike regular energy bars, our proprietary formula provides sustained energy over several hours without the sugar or caffeine crash.
  • Each bar contains: 50 calories, 5g plant protein, 10 net carbs, 2g good fat
  • No trans fats, no saturated fats, no cholesterol
  • Rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals from coca.
  • High fiber, perfect for breakfast or snack time.
  • Vegan product

26~28 grams per bag,


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