Stainless Steel Bombilla straws


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  • •QUALITY BOMBILLA STRAW: Stainless Steel Bombilla Straw great for drinking your Yerba Mate, loose leaf tea and ground coffee. Brings back the joy of drinking Tea.
  • •EASY TO USE & CLEAN: The Bombilla Straw comes with a colourful bead in the middle of the handle that makes the straw easy to hold without burning yourself as you drink your Yerba Mate! The filter head is easily removed for cleaning.
  • •HELPFUL: The Yerba Mate Gourd is convenient to use, and makes drinking yerba mate fun and easy. The Bombilla Straw can also be used to drink other loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee, Fruit juices and other drinks.
  • •BENEFITS: Drinking Yerba Mate with the Bombilla Straw has lots of health benefits e.g. Boosts immune system, Promote Digestion, relieves stress etc.
  • •Great Quality: Made up with best Stainless Steel Materials to make sure healthy

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