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Coca Tea Windsor 100ct, 2 Boxes Gift Set

Manufacturer: N/A
Price: $62.44
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Coca Tea Windsor 100ct, 2 Boxes Gift Set
Coca tea Windsor, certified organic and 100% natural is a great gourmet herbal tea. It has a fresh peppermint green tea and mild grassy flavor which is very pleasant at any time of the day. Windsor is produced in Bolivia by Hansa Ltda, a German company with hundred years of experience in the herbal tea business. Everybody that has tried this tea knows that the presentation and content is impeccable. Also consider ordering Windsor 100ct or 50 ct Air Tight Bag, Air-Tight bag presentation as a better alternative for international shipping and regions with humid weather and/or unstable weather, it keeps the product fresher longer. Sometimes the boxes may get smashed at the Post Office and the paper-wraps can over-dry the tea bags. 100% organic coca tea from Bolivia, export quality. 100 individually wrapped bags per box Analysis for 100 grams of coca leaves Nitrogen 20.06 mg Alkaloids non-volatile 0.70 mg Fat 3.68 mg Carbohydrates 47.50 mg Beta carotene 9.40 mg Alpha carotene 2.76 mg Vitamin C 6.47 mg Vitamin E 40.17 mg Thiamine (vitamin B 1) 0.73 mg Riboflavin (Vitamin B 2) 0.88 mg Niacin 8.37 mg Calcium 997.62 mg Phosphate 412.67 mg Potassium 1739.33 mg Magnesium 299.30 mg Sodium 39.41 mg Aluminum 17.39 mg Barium 6.18 mg Iron 136.64 mg Strontium 12.02 mg Boron 6.75 mg Copper 1.22 mg Zinc 2.21 mg Manganese 9.15 mg Chromium 0.12 mg Strict and professional quality control and supervision. "Starting July 7th, 2007, all Bolivia Stores products carry a gold sticker which guarantees that our products were inspected and will meet your highest expectations . International shipping available.

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